CM&C:LXXX Gravity

I laughed out loud at this shot.  Like “HA HA HA HA”.

And this isn’t a satire.

When the actors shut up, it’s almost unbearably exiting.

Whenever they talk — dialogue or monologue — I wanted to skip the rest of the scene.  The talk only in hackneyed cliches.

Someone should remix this movie without any talking, and removing the shot of the family snapshot hovering above the corpsicle,  I’d give it full score.

Gravity. Alfonso Cuarón. 2013. ★★★★☆☆

Mimosa: 😃


G.B.F.. Darren Stein. 2013. ★★★★★☆

I think that concludes the “quirky high school” series within CM&C: Heathers, Jawbreaker, Mean Girls, G.B.F.. And this movie is the funniest one! I laughed a lot. It also kinda illustrates how much smoother lower-budget movies look now compared to 1988. Digital cameras in 2013 look good, and movies can use real music now (and not the “one guy with a synth” thing from the 80s (I guess licensing is saner now or something)).

Anyway. It’s hilaire. Totes feroshballs.

Champagne Cocktail: 😃