January 1949: A Letter To Three Wives

*gasp* Nineteen fortynine! I just have 12 more movies to go for this blog project!

This is pretty good. We get presented with three women’s lives, possibly at a pivotal point for any of them, and it’s pretty interesting. But mainly I’m wondering whether Ingmar Bergman saw this movie and then thought, hmm, I can do this a lot better. And then did.

Because this pales in comparison with that movie, of course.

Still: It’s a solid movie. It’s mainly let down by the performances; and mainly the performances of the men. I don’t really buy any of them as real characters.

The disc includes the radio play (that the movie’s based on?), and it’s a lot funnier than the movie. The movie goes for pathos, while the radio play goes for slapstick. It’s fun!

A Letter To Three Wives. Joseph L. Mankiewicz. 1949.

Popular movies in January 1949 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
6538 7.9 A Letter to Three Wives
1552 7.7 The Passionate Friends
5293 7.6 Criss Cross
3206 7.5 Act of Violence
504 6.9 The Accused
245 6.8 The Sun Comes Up
817 6.6 Shockproof
1019 6.1 A Woman’s Secret

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