August 1940: Night Train to Munich

Night Train to Munich. Carol Reed. 1940.

I’m guessing that Carol Reed isn’t a woman? Yes? It just occurred to me that I did no filtering for gender when I bought these films, so I’m wondering whether this is going to be a 120 movie sausage fest…

Anyway! I was very impressed by the montage at the beginning of the movie, showing Germany moving into one neighbouring country after another. Very efficient.

While The Mortal Storm was a melancholic look at what happened inside Nazi Germany, Reed displays none of that diffidence in his movie. Instead this is a call to arms. But of course, that was an American movie, and this is a British one.

This is a really good spy thriller, with lots of turns and twists and fun. Great, roaming cinematography and likeable actors, too.

And very funny.

The version I saw was the Criterion blu-ray, and it looks good and sounds great, which is a relief after being subjected to a Amazon Prime version of a film earlier today.

Popular movies in August 1940 according to IMDB:

sc-tt0032484.jpg141547.6Foreign Correspondent
sc-tt0032617.jpg22477.5I Love You Again
sc-tt0032842.jpg32297.3Night Train to Munich
sc-tt0032986.jpg2537.1Rhythm on the River
sc-tt0032273.jpg23977.1Boom Town
sc-tt0033107.jpg26116.9Stranger on the Third Floor
sc-tt0032983.jpg21686.7The Return of Frank James
sc-tt0032376.jpg13026.7Dance, Girl, Dance
sc-tt0033288.jpg2666.6Young People
sc-tt0032481.jpg2366.6Flowing Gold

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