July 1940: The Great McGinty

The Great McGinty. Preston Sturges. 1940.

I like the plot structure, what with most of the movie being a flashback, and I like that the protagonist is, well, a crook. But such a personable crook. It’s all about grift and the mob running US politics and stuff, really, and we’re cheering them on.

Being a crook is the greatest!

The ending is nothing like I expected it to be. Cool!

(Is that a beaver skin top hat?)

Popular movies in July 1940 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
sc-tt0033028.jpg 7390 7.8 The Sea Hawk
sc-tt0032194.jpg 3301 7.7 All This, and Heaven Too
sc-tt0032554.jpg 2535 7.5 The Great McGinty
sc-tt0032943.jpg 6220 7.4 Pride and Prejudice
sc-tt0033149.jpg 5625 7.3 They Drive by Night
sc-tt0032206.jpg 598 6.8 Andy Hardy Meets Debutante
sc-tt0032277.jpg 477 6.8 Boys of the City
sc-tt0033254.jpg 411 6.6 When the Daltons Rode
sc-tt0032829.jpg 341 6.4 My Love Came Back
sc-tt0032686.jpg 433 6.4 The Lady in Question

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