F&C1967: Wait Until Dark


mplayer doesn’t want to do screenshots of this fillum? Weird.

Well, I’ll just use my camera.

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This is a kinda sadistic film, bur it takes a kinda empowering turn. And everything happens in one small apartment. Mostly in the same room. I kinda like that.

It starts out kinda dicey, but then turns into a really tense and gripping film.  The plot, though…  Sheesh…

Hepburn is great in this.

Wait Until Dark. Terence Young. 1967.

Ginger Beer Margarita

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F&C1968: The Thomas Crown Affair

This film is so 70s! If I didn’t know that it was from 1968 and by Norman Jewison I would have guessed that it was from 1974 and by a very, very restrained Robert Altman. It’s like six years before its time.

The start, at least. The rest is more ordinary.

It could have been the most arty heist movie ever, but then it turns all boring after fifteen minutes or something.

The Thomas Crown Affaire. Norman Jewison. 1968.


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