Each Dawn I Die. William Keighley. 1939.


And he’s not a crook!? Is that even legal!?

OK, but he’s sentence anyway. *phew*

(I didn’t know it’s a sci-fi movie — he’s sentenced for drunken driving (and killing some other people while driving (it’s a frame!)), and as we all know, that just doesn’t happen in the US. Killing somebody (if you’re driving a car) is more like a youthful lark kind of thing in the US court system, I think.)

This is great! It’s so noir it’s leaking ink.

He said it! He said the line!

I love this movie.

Man, the casting here is great. It’s got like … a dozen? great guys totally basking in their roles as tough/not-so-tough hoodlums in jail. It’s so much fun to watch.

The bit that feels false is the bit with the warden: He’s tsk tsks the beating of prisoners, but he puts them into “The Hole” (where they’re chained in an awkward position, in darkness, all day) — he’s a total monster. But he’s also this avuncular figure. Like… somehow that makes the torture better? It just makes it more gruesome.

Fan. tastic.

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