My New Fashion Designer Blog

I like making t-shirts (i.e., having professionals screenprint them), but it would be fun making some one-offs, too.  And learning how to do screen printing is kinda a project.

Then somebody linked to Inkodye, and it seemed almost perfect.  The process is simple: You apply the ink to the t-shirt and mask off the bits you don’t want to have ink on.  Then you put the shirt in the sun for 20 minutes, and wash off the unexposed ink.

I got the supplies yesterday, and, of course, I didn’t have any transparencies to print anything on today.  And there’s apparently no sun here for the next week, so I used gaffa tape instead of using a transparency.  And I used a black t-shirt.  All the instructions use a white fabric, but I want to see what it looks like on a black t-shirt.

A Roll-On Thingie

That means that the design is perhaps, er, a bit simplistic.  But it’s only a trial run! Er.  It kinda looks like a Norwegian flag from that angle.  But it’s not.

The ink smells a bit of ammonia, but it’s not too bad.

Hanging out on the balcony, developing.  Gaffa saves everything.

Ok, it’s not that sunny.  Better leave it out for 40 minutes.

Time passes.

Hm.  The ink isn’t looking any bluer on the black shirt.  Perhaps I should test on a white shirt?

Even simpler design.

Gaffa it up on the balcony.

The ants are my friends.  They’re blowing in the wind.

Hm…  not looking all that blue on the white t-shirt, either.

The snacks I’m eating are tasty kinda fishy.

So that’s the result on the black shirt.  A kinda dirty splotch.

Oh.  Perhaps I should have read the ninth FAQ:

“Because it is a dye, it does not coat the fabrics like a paint would. It actually become part of the fiber, and therefore will not add color to a black or dark-colored material.”

But  the white shirt looks nice. A very deep, rich blue.

Oh, well.  I’ll just have to learn how to do screen printing. finally gone awol?

According to this, shut down the service in 2007.  Now redirects to domainnamesales, which I assume aren’t nice people.

The reason I noticed is this:

I tried to submit something to, and it bounced because of  So perhaps somebody … not very nice … finally decided to start answering in the affirmative to all requests?

In which case: Nicely played, scammers.  This is probably going to drive a lot of traffic to your site while people are trying to figure out what’s going on.


As usual, I was more delayed than warranted with the No Gnus t-shirts. But today! It’s packing time.

Carrying the shirts up to the fourth floor was kinda invigorating.  I.e., woe is me.

Using magical Japanese folding techniques…

Quality entertainment.  (Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2, which I bought because Joss Whedon said they were great on the Cabin in the Woods commentary track.  They weren’t.)

But alcohol helps!

My view for a few hours…

Stacks are a-toppling.

Our model is here sporting the new style while looking very pensive.  Possibly spotting something on the ceiling?

The complicated back shot. Must have been strenuous, what with the mouth breathing?

Anyway, they should be off tomorrow!  If I can get up in time.


Ick pt II

In the previous part of this series, we learned that a couple of plants had been invaded by white dust, which is probably a fungus.  Of some kind.

I threw out the main offender, cleaned the area, sprayed anti-fungal stuff on the other plants nearby, and scrubbed down like in one of those horror movies.

I continued treating the affected plants religiously, day by day, wiping fungus and spraying Atamon. Or, to be more precise, and perhaps slightly more truthful, I kinda forgot (or suppressed; my False Memory Regression Therapist might help me with that one) the entire issue, and weeks (months?) kinda passed by.

So the other day I had a look at the remaining plants in that window:

Eek!  Infested!  And the plant looks like it’s collapsing:

It used to be all healthy and stuff.

I’ve now thrown that one out, too, and scrubbed down again.

No more new plants until this is under control!  I mean, except for these I just bought:

That’s a … er … let’s see.  I’m gonna guess aloe, crassula and the last one is, of course, some kind of sansevieria.


My New Concert Blog vs Useful Consumer Review

So I wanted to test the camera again.  I mean, filming.  I decreased the HD-ness to perhaps save some battery life.

There’s apparently no way to shut the screen off while filming.  That’s annoying, because a bright screen sitting on a table at the front is kinda annoying.

The camera shut itself off every 20 minutes or so.  Saying that it’s “out of battery”.  The last time it was apparently true.

So I don’t know what the Canon engineers were on, but they obviously haven’t tried using this camera in “movie” mode.  For more than a couple of minutes.

(Oh, the concert was with Marc Ribot (Ree-bow), Henry Grimes and Chad Taylor.)