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Some years back, I wondered if anybody would step up and maintain, like, a site that lists comics shops worth visiting (when on vacation) and web sites worth visiting when shopping for interesting comics.

That never happened.

So now I’m just gonna start keeping this blog post updated with links and stuff. The first links are just off the top of my head, so I’ll be adding stuff as we go along…


These are shops that I’ve been at (or heard good things about) and have interesting small press stuff.

New York: Desert Island

Chicago: Quimby’s

Oslo: Tronsmo

Amsterdam: Lambiek

San Francisco: Comix Experience

Pittsburg: Copacetic

London: Gosh

Canberra: Impact Comics

Barcelona: Fatbottom

Toronto: The Beguiling Books & Art


Paris: Album BD

Paris: Aaapoum Bapoum

(This list does not at all attempt to list all comics shops I’ve visited, just the ones with small press/art comics stuff. Google is great at listing mainstream comics stores, but sucks at saying which ones are worth visiting for this kind of stuff.)

Web Shops

Domino Books, the most awesome seller of fabulous comics

Spit and a Half

50 Watt Books

Glacier Bay

Printed Matter

Wig Shop

Birdcage Bottom Books

The Secret Headquarters

Radiator Comics


These are publishers that have web shops — weirdly enough, most publishers don’t sell directly.

This list includes “international publishers” only, i.e. publishers who publish (some stuff) in English.




2d cloud


Hollow Press


Uncivilized Books

Floating World


Silver Sprocket

Avery Hill

Landfill Editions

Wow Cool



If you’ve got stuff to add, please comment on this post and I’ll integrate links.

20 thoughts on “Art Comics Finder”

  1. Jeez, talk about coincidences. Inspired by this blog, I registered a domain this afternoon, wanting to get a site up cataloguing the alt and art comics scenes, with previews and samples of work, little interviews, etc. Kinda like a buyer’s guide. I’ll post here when it’s up and running.

  2. Hi Lars, is there any chance I could make use of the online retailers listed above on my alt and art comics site? With full credit, of course! 🙂

    1. Nice theme. 🙂 The site looks like a great idea in general, too, and I’ll be checking it out regularly.

  3. Cool. I’m sure things are going to evolve/change quickly, but I wanted to make a start and avoid the curse of analysis paralysis.


  4. Drawn & Quarterly has their own physical Librairie D&Q, which also allows online purchases, plus the “petite” location, in addition to being able to order straight from the D&Q website. I guess they want to cover all their bases.

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