PX91: Two Life in Hell Fun Calendars

Life in Hell Fun Calendars by Matt Groening (304x306mm)

I was rummaging through stuff in the attic, and I happened upon these old calendars (from 1991 and 2006), so I thought it might be fun to have a quick peek at them.

The first calendar goes from September 91 and all of 92. Is that common? I’m not really much of a calendar shopper…

It feels like a generous package: All the pages are jam-packed with stuff — we get funny asides in the empty squares, and some funny references here and there in the normal days, too. And you should indeed listen to Aksak Maboul, but not just on January 3rd. Oh! And Lynda Barry’s born on January 2nd. All the important dates are here.

Most of the strips seem familiar to me, but there’s a handful I’m pretty sure I haven’t read before.

Like this one. Which is cool.

There’s even an extra two strips in the middle.

So… it’s a really nice calendar that apparently a lot of work has gone into.

The 2005 calendar is a mix of older strips (all of which I think I’ve seen before) and newer strips (that I haven’t seen).

It’s printed on cheaper, shiny paper that has a good bit of bleed-through, and there’s virtually no extras. There’s still a few jokes here and there, but this is much more of a “will this do?” than the first calendar. But I guess you can’t expect people to be as excited doing the fifteenth calendar as when doing their… first? second? one?

Probably the second — this looks like the first one.

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