MCMXXXIX IX: The Oklahoma Kid

Oklahoma Kid. Lloyd Bacon. 1939.

But… but… that’s… that’s…

It is! It’s Bogart!

What’s he doing in this cheapie western? Was this before he became famous?

Ah, right, he was doing all these things in the 30s until his big break in 1941, I guess.

Because this is a Cagney vehicle.

This isn’t a very good movie? I mean, I’m having a hard time paying attention, because the plot is just very… I don’t even know what the plot is.

But Cagney can play the guitar? That’s something.

And sing Rock-a-bye Baby in Spanish.

What’s with the hairdos?

OK, I have to admit to tidying up the kitchen while this movie was droning on, because I’ve totally lost interest. It’s just such a … nothing of a movie. There’s nothing really wrong with it: The performances are standard, the cinematography is workmanlike, the lines they deliver are totally… fine?

There’s just nothing here that’s interesting. I mean, except Cagney’s twitchy, whimsical performance, but that only goes so far.

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