MCMXXXIX X: The Little Princess

The Little Princess. Walter Lang, William A. Seiter. 1939.

So this is the tenth week of 1939… so we’re into March?

And this movie is in colour!

Oh, they’re using the Boer War (turn of the century? the previous one?) as a proxy for the war that’s currently brewing in Europe?

This movie is quite amusing… But… it doesn’t have that zing you (that is, I) expect? Every scene is like… “yes, this is good… but…” There’s just something that’s lacking here. It needs to be funnier, or more dramatic, or something.

Even the dance scenes are so lacklustre! It’s like they haven’t even rehearsed the moves — nothing is synchronised.

It’s so weird: This had to be a pretty expensive movie, and it’s just kinda amateurish?

The set designs are awesome, though.

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