V1991: Daytona Special No. 1: The Daytona 500 Story

Daytona Special No. 1: The Daytona 500 Story (1991) #1
by Nat and JJ Gertler and Herb Trimpe and others

OK, we continue traipsing through the Latter Days of Vortex. Let’s read the first three pages of this special:

The Gertlers wrote one of the best issues of the Legends of NASCAR series (that’s not saying as much as you may think), and this is basically the same thing, but about the Daytona 500 instead of Talladega.

It’s basically a bunch of factoids about racing in general and the Daytona 500 in particular, and this time the framing story is a father telling his kids about all this stuff.

It’s got humorous anecdotes…

… and information about technical-ish stuff.

Herb Trimpe does a pretty good job of illustrating this in a clear and easy-to-read fashion.

I’m guessing a kid who’s a NASCAR fan would be pretty happy with this book.

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