ELC1994: “Saint in Neon”

“Saint in Neon” by Elaine Lee, published by Marvel.

What’s this then!? Ectokid Unleashed? But that’s not Elaine Lee?

(Oh, Here’s an explanation of what this blog series is.)

No it isn’t, but comics.org says there’s a Saint Sinner story (remember Saint Sinner?) in here, so I’m reading it.

So… I have no idea what Ectokid is, really. This thing is by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning & Hector Gomez & John Stangeland and others, and it’s pretty much incomprehensible. I’m guessing the reason it exists is because Marvel cancelled the Ectokid series, and they wanted to publish a mop-up issue? Because it reads like it’s the ending of a series.

There were no more exciting Ectokid specials.

(Oh, both of these comics were part of a Clive Barker super-hero universe thing that Marvel was doing.)

Then we come to the Saint Sinner Elaine Lee part!

Uhm, er…

I thought perhaps Lee would use the opportunity to, like, mop up the Saint Sinner storyline, because that had absolutely no resolution in the series itself.

But instead it’s just a typical Saint Sinner story, I guess?

Oh, well.

And I think that’s the end of this blog series? Hm, no! There’s one more! But… it’s going to take a few weeks before it gets here. *sigh*

I wasn’t going to start the next comics-related blog series until this one was done, but…

Watch this space tomorrow! Feel the tension!

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