April 1949: The Secret Garden

Dean Stockwell!? But he can’t possibly…

Oh, he plays the ten year old boy.

And I was thinking of Harry Dean Stanton.


This is a fascinating movie. It’s not that often you see a movie that doesn’t fit neatly into a genre category or where you have no idea where the plot is going. This is one of those rare movies.

It’s so weird.

The idea of a secret garden is a very powerful one. It’s like a Jung Bodyan archetype.

Margaret O’Brien is perfect as the snotty, entitled ex-colonial plunked into the British countryside.

The Secret Garden. Fred M. Wilcox. 1949.

Popular movies in April 1949 according to IMDB:

19397.5The Secret Garden
9417.4The Queen of Spades
30607.2Passport to Pimlico
20147.1The Stratton Story
2377.1The Sky Dragon
4257.0Mr. Belvedere Goes to College
16747.0Flamingo Road
9306.9Ma and Pa Kettle
6306.8The Crooked Way

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