May 1949: Africa Screams

Hey! Abbot and Costello. I haven’t seen too many of thse…

This is uncomplicated fun: A mix of physical humour, weak bon mots and general silliness. I’m smiling a lot while watching this, but I’m not actually laughing. But I can totally see an eleven-year-old me finding this to be the height of hilarity.

The bit with the cannibals has, perhaps, not aged as well.

Africa Screams. Charles Barton. 1949.

Popular movies in May 1949 according to IMDB:

24187.4The Window
4597.2Home of the Brave
21197.1The Barkleys of Broadway
3806.8Streets of Laredo
6406.7Alice in Wonderland
3886.7The Lady Gambles
29086.5Africa Screams
2296.5Johnny Allegro

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