July 1948: The Amazing Mr. X

Wow, this is a bad DVD transfer. Looks like it’s been sourced from VHS via an NTSC broadcast.

But never mind. This is fun! It’s a horror movie, sort of. Or perhaps thriller? It’s kinda thrilling, anyway.

Being able to see what was going on would perhaps have been even better, but it works anyway.

That crow!

At the end of the day, it’s an entertaining piece of fluff. I’m not sure what it’s at the start of the day, though.

The Amazing Mr. X. Bernard Vorhaus. 1948.

Popular movies in July 1948 according to IMDB:

209968.3The Red Shoes
297287.9Key Largo
6466.8The Velvet Touch
4886.7Coroner Creek
8326.6A Date with Judy
10076.5The Amazing Mr. X
5356.3Return of the Bad Men
5546.1Blonde Ice
7585.5The Babe Ruth Story

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