July 1945: Christmas in Connecticut

Hey! Why did this premiere in July? I assumed they did Xmas movies at Xmas? Is imdb wrong about the release date?

Oh, this is delightful. It’s got a classic screwball set-up, charming actors and witty repartee.

The “You have a baby? I want to give him a bath!” bit is even more unintentionally hilarious than the rest of the proceedings (which are very funny indeed).

Geez! It’s difficult to find anything to say when a movie is this amiable. It’s not a perfect movie by any means, but it’s extremely enjoyable.

Christmas in Connecticut. Peter Godfrey. 1945.

Popular movies in July 1945 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
293 8.0 Mr. Muggs Rides Again
5343 7.5 Christmas in Connecticut
6218 7.2 Anchors Aweigh
356 7.1 The Cheaters
223 6.9 Incendiary Blonde
245 6.7 Guest Wife
1359 6.6 Along Came Jones
384 6.5 The Falcon in San Francisco
242 6.5 Over 21
381 6.1 A Thousand and One Nights

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