August 1945: Love Letters


Dum ti dum ti dum…


So it this going to be a super-corny schmaltzy ode to objectivism?

It’s a budget movie? It looks like it’s been filmed on the cheapest, most cramped sound stages.

I assume that it ended up in my queue due to block-voting on imdb (I selected movies that had a combination of significant views and high votes).

This is Cyrano de Bergerac repeated not as a comedy, but as a turgid sentimental tragedy of a romantic movie.

It’s twaddle, but some scenes are so awkward that they’re almost great.

Love Letters. William Dieterle. 1945.

Popular movies in August 1945 according to IMDB:

9247.4Pride of the Marines
19327.3The Southerner
2867.3The True Glory
11277.2Love Letters
8447.1The Shanghai Cobra
28637.1State Fair
10107.0Lady on a Train
8686.9The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry
22726.6Ziegfeld Follies

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