March 1945: Delightfully Dangerous

This is another cheap and cheerful B movie from that 50 movie box set.

Perhaps a majority of the movies on the box set are stage shows wrapped in a nonsensical excuse for a framing device. I don’t mind; it’s fun to watch those stage shows.

This is also an excuse to show a variety show, but it’s almost a real, proper movie, with great acting performances (a very young Jane Powell, for instance) and a real storyline. Well. Sort of.

It’s delightfully charming.

Delightfully Dangerous. Arthur Lubin. 1945.

Popular movies in March 1945 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
1887 7.7 The Corn Is Green
9427 7.6 The Picture of Dorian Gray
2328 7.5 The Clock
661 6.9 A Royal Scandal
1542 6.8 Without Love
442 6.7 Hotel Berlin
1320 6.6 Dillinger
435 6.5 God Is My Co-Pilot
259 6.4 Keep Your Powder Dry
247 6.3 Thunderhead – Son of Flicka

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