March 1944: The Curse of the Cat People

Another Val Lewton production! Hm… oh. His name seemed so familiar that I assumed that I had seen dozens of his films, but it’s really just The Ghost Ship. Is there another producer with a similar name?

Hm… ah, he headed the RKO horror division, overseeing a string of cheap B-movies that looked better than those things usually did.

This movie’s protagonist is a young girl it’s not as awful as it sounds. I mean, she (or any of the other children) wouldn’t win any awards for their acting prowess, but they’re pretty good. It’s a properly creepy movie, and keeping the point of view so solidly at the children really helps.

And there’s a wise black guy giving sage advice, which was probably an innovation at the time?

The movie has been beautifully restored for the blu-ray release.

Spoiler warning: There are no cat people in this movie. Is that the curse?

The Curse of the Cat People. Gunther von Fritsch. 1944.

Popular movies in March 1944 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
4231 6.9 The Curse of the Cat People
3514 6.9 Cover Girl
344 6.8 Four Jills in a Jeep
571 6.6 The Whistler
548 6.5 Weird Woman
217 6.5 Shine on Harvest Moon
343 6.4 See Here, Private Hargrove
503 6.2 The Heavenly Body
353 6.1 The Falcon Out West

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