March 1944: The Curse of the Cat People

Another Val Lewton production! Hm… oh. His name seemed so familiar that I assumed that I had seen dozens of his films, but it’s really just The Ghost Ship. Is there another producer with a similar name?

Hm… ah, he headed the RKO horror division, overseeing a string of cheap B-movies that looked better than those things usually did.

This movie’s protagonist is a young girl it’s not as awful as it sounds. I mean, she (or any of the other children) wouldn’t win any awards for their acting prowess, but they’re pretty good. It’s a properly creepy movie, and keeping the point of view so solidly at the children really helps.

And there’s a wise black guy giving sage advice, which was probably an innovation at the time?

The movie has been beautifully restored for the blu-ray release.

Spoiler warning: There are no cat people in this movie. Is that the curse?

The Curse of the Cat People. Gunther von Fritsch. 1944.

Popular movies in March 1944 according to IMDB:

42316.9The Curse of the Cat People
35146.9Cover Girl
3446.8Four Jills in a Jeep
5716.6The Whistler
5486.5Weird Woman
2176.5Shine on Harvest Moon
3436.4See Here, Private Hargrove
5036.2The Heavenly Body
3536.1The Falcon Out West

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