April 1944: Trocadero

This movie was done for TV. I didn’t even know that they did movies for TV in 1944, but I’m apparently off by a couple of decades according to Wikipedia. Or is the “FOR TELEVISION” thing it says at the start about this particular edit of the movie?

I have no idea, but this is barely a movie: It’s an excuse to do a series of musical and comedy performances with some dramatic bits in between.

I didn’t actually understand what the plot was trying to er plot, but the musical numbers are noice. The DVD transfer is via a VHS copy, I think, so it’s kinda er VHS-ey. But the audio has survived pretty well, which is what matters.

Trocadero. William Nigh. 1944.

Popular movies in April 1944 according to IMDB:

1031518.4Double Indemnity
21637.3This Happy Breed
7877.0Uncertain Glory
3456.9The Halfway House
5886.9The Story of Dr. Wassell
2476.8Address Unknown
5546.7Two Girls and a Sailor
9876.5Buffalo Bill
5116.1Pin Up Girl
2976.1Follow the Boys

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