April 1944: Trocadero

This movie was done for TV. I didn’t even know that they did movies for TV in 1944, but I’m apparently off by a couple of decades according to Wikipedia. Or is the “FOR TELEVISION” thing it says at the start about this particular edit of the movie?

I have no idea, but this is barely a movie: It’s an excuse to do a series of musical and comedy performances with some dramatic bits in between.

I didn’t actually understand what the plot was trying to er plot, but the musical numbers are noice. The DVD transfer is via a VHS copy, I think, so it’s kinda er VHS-ey. But the audio has survived pretty well, which is what matters.

Trocadero. William Nigh. 1944.

Popular movies in April 1944 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
103151 8.4 Double Indemnity
2163 7.3 This Happy Breed
787 7.0 Uncertain Glory
345 6.9 The Halfway House
588 6.9 The Story of Dr. Wassell
247 6.8 Address Unknown
554 6.7 Two Girls and a Sailor
987 6.5 Buffalo Bill
511 6.1 Pin Up Girl
297 6.1 Follow the Boys

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