October 1943: Guadalcanal Diary

This DVD has a very artifactey transfer — it’s probably mastered off of a torrent site.

This is not the first movie in this blog series that’s been told from the point of view of the troops, but this one keeps the focus there throughout the movie. And while it’s a propaganda movie (the opening scenes with horseplay on the decks of the ships (complete with puppy) under a tropical sun are very… er… appealing), it gets tense pretty quickly.

But always amusing.

Does it work as a recruitment tool? I think so…

The final scenes, where they rout the dirty Japs (oops spoilers) is pretty amazing. And the dog survives (oops spoilers).

Guadalcanal Diary. Lewis Seiler. 1943.

Popular movies in October 1943 according to IMDB:

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2737.5My Learned Friend
4107.3L’éternel retour
40057.2Lassie Come Home
8106.9Princess O’Rourke
17446.8Guadalcanal Diary
2026.5Sweet Rosie O’Grady
2676.4Yellow Canary
32496.2Son of Dracula
2306.0The Dark Tower

This blog post is part of the Decade series.

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