April 1943: Clancy Street Boys

I am Confused, Bemused and Bemildred.

What is this?!?!

It starts off with a street gang spanking their leader… and then the rival gang spanks him… and I guess my general confusion is due to the video quality is kinda like fourth generation VHS, and the audio is more rumble than voice.

But what’s even more confusing are all these middle-aged looking people who are in these gangs… are they supposed to be teenagers? 12-year-olds? One of the gangs are all-white… is that a sign of something? Are they a metaphor for Nazis? Is this a bit from a serial? Are these all well-known characters? In the Marvel comic Fantastic Four, there’s a Yancy Street Gang… is that a take on this movie (if it is a movie) or something?

Wikipedia to the rescue. It’s a movie in the East Side Boys franchise. href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yancy_Street_Gang”>Yancy doesn’t mention them.

And they’re supposed to be like eighteen.

ANYWAY. This turns into a classic farce plot and they run through all the scenes you’d expect. It’s workmanlike, but it’s kinda amusing. And if I could make out more of the words, it would probably have been actually funny.

Clancy Street Boys. William Beaudine. 1943.

Popular movies in April 1943 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
437 7.3 Clancy Street Boys
340 7.2 A Stranger in Town
1427 7.2 Edge of Darkness
8134 7.2 I Walked with a Zombie
237 6.9 China
1000 6.8 We Dive at Dawn
703 6.8 Presenting Lily Mars
422 6.7 Slightly Dangerous
691 6.7 Fires Were Started
399 6.6 The Falcon Strikes Back

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