October 1942: Now, Voyager

Ooo! Bette Davis!

I thought that perhaps I’d seen this before, but if so, it must be a long, long time ago, because scenes seem familiar in vague flashes. Perhaps I saw it as a child?

But, man, Davis is amazing here. Didn’t get the Oscar, of course.

Isn’t it weird how it’s more difficult to find something to write about good movies than bad movies? With bad movies you can just kvetch away with abandon, but this is a kinda perfect movie. Well, you could quibble with the clichéd portrayal of the controlling and venomous mother, but it’s done so perfectly that you just have to admire the artistry.

Oh, and bonus: This has Mary Wickes as the enterprising nurse.

Now, Voyager. Irving Rapper. 1942.

Popular movies in October 1942 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
11715 8.1 Now, Voyager
1724 7.8 Who Done It?
2308 7.2 For Me and My Gal
4940 7.2 I Married a Witch
1143 7.0 George Washington Slept Here
2783 6.8 Flying Tigers
836 6.8 Eyes in the Night
611 6.8 The Moon and Sixpence
519 6.5 The Falcon’s Brother
660 6.4 Night Monster

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