October 1940: Christmas in July

Christmas in July. Preston Sturges. 1940.

Oh my god. This is one of those spiralling-out-of-control comedies with plenty of room for embarrassment, which I have to watch from behind a pillow. But it’s really good. Such great lines and so likeable characters.

Is this one of those films they show on TV every Xmas? Because it’d be perfect for that. The first time you watch it, it’s really too exciting, but on subsequent viewings you can just revel in the fantasy.

It’s a great little movie.

There’s a couple of references to The War: They decide to not, perhaps, go on holiday to Europe, and the swell cop alternatively calls the capitalist big-wig “Hitler” and “Mussolini”. As he should!

Popular movies in October 1940 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
sc-tt0032553.jpg 146464 8.5 The Great Dictator
sc-tt0033152.jpg 9511 7.6 The Thief of Bagdad
sc-tt0032338.jpg 2474 7.6 Christmas in July
sc-tt0032728.jpg 2953 7.1 The Long Voyage Home
sc-tt0032220.jpg 550 7.0 Arise, My Love
sc-tt0032447.jpg 660 7.0 Escape
sc-tt0032873.jpg 1292 6.9 One Night in the Tropics
sc-tt0032676.jpg 1392 6.8 Knute Rockne All American
sc-tt0033153.jpg 570 6.8 Third Finger, Left Hand
sc-tt0033038.jpg 891 6.8 Seven Sinners

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