November 1940: Little Nellie Kelly

Little Nellie Kelly. Norman Taurog. 1940.

So Irish. So very Irish.

But this is an odd duck. It takes us through the American immigration process in excruciating detail. Is it meant as a manual for Irish immigrants? It’s based on a Broadway show from 1922… so what was the reason for the movie version in 1940? (And according to this the entire first act (i.e., all the immigration stuff) wasn’t there in the original version.) There’s an enormous number of scenes of American patriotism… so was the point to appeal to the faction who wanted to join in the WWII festivities, or the ones who wanted to stay out of it?

So many questions.

This isn’t a good movie, though.

Popular movies in November 1940 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
sc-tt0032455.jpg 73812 7.8 Fantasia
sc-tt0032701.jpg 8824 7.7 The Letter
sc-tt0032762.jpg 7738 7.6 The Mark of Zorro
sc-tt0032234.jpg 5481 7.3 The Bank Dick
sc-tt0032221.jpg 824 6.9 Arizona
sc-tt0033167.jpg 356 6.7 Tin Pan Alley
sc-tt0032718.jpg 370 6.5 Little Nellie Kelly
sc-tt0032256.jpg 354 6.4 Bitter Sweet
sc-tt0032687.jpg 215 6.3 Lady with Red Hair
sc-tt0032903.jpg 321 6.2 Phantom of Chinatown

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