April 1940: The Doctor Takes A Wife

The Doctor Takes A Wife. Alexander Hall. 1940.

You gotta admire the sheer preposterousness (that’s a word) of the premise here, but it just doesn’t fire on all cylinders. It’s also a very typical “battle of the sexes” thing of the period, which doesn’t help.

But there’s a lot here to enjoy. The performances are on fleek, and it’s got a nice propulsive energy throughout. When it works, it really works.

Popular movies in April 1940 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
sc-tt0033022.jpg 1821 7.2 Saps at Sea
sc-tt0032475.jpg 895 7.1 Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
sc-tt0032289.jpg 240 7.1 Buck Benny Rides Again
sc-tt0032397.jpg 552 7.0 The Doctor Takes a Wife
sc-tt0032383.jpg 1742 6.9 Dark Command
sc-tt0032176.jpg 405 6.9 ‘Til We Meet Again
sc-tt0031828.jpg 262 6.7 The Proud Valley
sc-tt0032643.jpg 724 6.7 It All Came True
sc-tt0032412.jpg 1610 6.5 Dr. Cyclops
sc-tt0032753.jpg 386 6.5 The Man with Nine Lives

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