FF1988: Stickboy

Stickboy #1-3 by Dennis Worden.

Stickboy had been published by a different publisher before Fantagraphics stepped in, and it would continue to be published by various publishers after Fantagraphics bowed out.

I haven’t read any of those incarnations, though.

The first Fantagraphics issue starts off like a normal pre-slacker comic book, what with Stickboy looking for work and having… adventures…

It doesn’t take long for things to veer off into philosophical musings…

… and that’s where things remain for most of these three issues, with brief comedic respites.

Since I’m a supercilious squirrel, this sort of thing literally bores me to death. I’m actually dead now. This is a dead man typing, in fact.

The artwork doesn’t vary much, either, but there’s the extremely occasional freak-out page.

Hm, that’s a “self-transforming machine elf”. But it looks vaguely like one of those Jim Woodring angels, doesn’t it?

The letters pages has both letters to Worden saying that Stickboy is a masterpiece, and also has stuff like this. I assume that’s a real letter to some newspaper or other.

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