Useful Consumer Review: A Correction

After discovering that Logitech wireless things work much better if I don’t plug the receiver directly into the computer (because science), it reminded me of another Logitech device that I’d dismissed earlier: The Logitech Cube.

And by using an USB extension cord, it, too, has an acceptable range, so I could actually use it for something…  if I figured out what I could use it for.

I mean, it only generates two keystrokes:

DSC01598Page Up if you hold it this way and click…

I should trim my nails

And Page Down if you hold it this way and click.

Or the other way around.  I forget.

If you just put it on a table and click on it, it decides that it wants to be a mouse instead, so the click turns into a mouse click, which is definitely not what I want.

Hm…  but I do have gaffa tape.  I wonder what’ll happen if I just gaffa the sensor on the bottom.


It works!  So it can be used as a single purpose HID button.  If I had something where that would be useful, and that didn’t use the Page Down key for something else.

Or… I could perhaps just use the event remapper thing from the previous post, come to think of it.  But I don’t really have any projects that would require such a button right now, so back into the Cupboard Of Mystery it goes again.

I apologise for besmirching Logitech’s, er, good? name.

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