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I need a wireless USB HID button (to take movie snapshots, of course), so I bought this Logitech Cube “presenter”. I need a range of about five meters, so all wireless input devices are kinda chancy.

Epic unboxing sequence:

So… does it work in Linux? Yes, but no.

It generates a Prior event if you push the button while it’s oriented one way, and a Next event the other way. That’s fine. However, the range is less than two meters. Further away than that, it gets unreliable, and at four meters, there’s no signal what-so-ever. So it’s unusable for me.

I was curious about how well it worked as a wireless mouse if you had it close enough to the receiver. I’d rate it “meh”.

But it’s a nice form factor.  For something that doesn’t really work very well.

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