Wall of Vaughan

I still haven’t read the 4AD biography (any day now), but I was reminded about my plan from, like, 20 years ago to make a Vaughan Oliver wall.  That is, nail a lot of 4AD sleeves designed by Vaughan Oliver (and Chris Bigg (aka 23 Envelope/v23)) to a wall and behold the beauty.

I didn’t do that then, because I wasn’t a teenager any more, but now I’m a teenager again (mentally), so let’s go.

First carefully plan the layout…

IMG_5533Experiment with different nails.  These were too coarse.

IMG_5534Nice small black ones.  And I’m not nailing anything through the sleeves.  Too much of a nerd for that.

IMG_5541Done!  (Sorry, neighbour, who had to listen to me nail (* 24 4) nails on a Saturday afternoon…)

IMG_5538So…  er…  uhm…  ok, I can pick the sleeves down when I grow tired of it.  Or perhaps it just needs more sleeves?  I dunno.


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