F&C1924: Greed

Like… he was there?! On the set!? Man.

Hey, this one doesn’t have an overly jaunty soundtrack… It’s more like a… er… slightly modernist jazzist thing…

Who am I to criticise this classic? I don’t know anything about nothing. But I still think this film sucked. And I doubt the original eight hour version was any better.

There were scenes I liked, though. Like the final birdy scene, for instance. I kinda teared up. But… I’m a patient guy… but for long stretches I didn’t find anything compelling here. Sorree!

Greed. Erich von Stroheim. 1924.

Bailey’s Comet

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F&C1925: The Lost World

That has to be the worst blackface in the history of blackface.

I listened to Thighpaulsandra instead of the overly jaunty soundtrack.

Well… I kinda liked this film. It’s really quite wonky in places, and it seems to be edited by someone who doesn’t mind repetitious scenes. (This is a “restored” versjon created by adding all scenes that existed in eight different versions found.) But it’s kinda charming. It’s not a good film, but it’s a likable film.

I googled it right now, and it seems like the word “tedious” is used to describe it quite often. And that’s the 60 minute version. I’m watching the 90 minute version.

The Lost World. Harry O. Hoyt. 1925.

Pisco Sour

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F&C1927: It

This DVD had a soundtrack, but it was kinda annoying, so I switched to Coil again.

I’ve heard Clara Bow’s name, of course, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a film before. She’s rather smashing, eh?

The film is rather nonsensical.

It. Clarence G. Badger. 1927.

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F&C1928: Jeanne d’Arc’s lidelse og død

This is amazing and utterly riveting. All those close-ups and the rapid editing… I had no idea that this was going on in the 20s.

I watched the completely silent “newly discovered” complete version, so I had to supply my own soundtrack. I chose the Hellraiser Themes by Coil.

The Passion of Joan of Arc. Carl Theodor Dreyer. 1928.

Scotch Hot Toddy

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