The Gorilla. Allan Dwan. 1939.

I wonder whether this DVD has been sourced from a recording from a broadcast? Hm… probably not? It’s very artefactey, but it doesn’t look like VHS artefacts.

This is a Ritz Brothers movie? I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never heard of them. But:

That’s a lot of movies. They were Marx Brothers knockoffs or something?

Patsy Kelly is fun.

Finally! The Brothers!

Anyway, this is a cheap and cheerful B movie. Sometimes these can be way better than they have any reason to be… but this isn’t one of those. I mean, it’s fine! It’s amusing throughout, and has some good scenes going, and some dramatic cinematography, but it’s not actually funny? The gags keep coming, but they all make you go “yes, that’s a gag” instead of laughing.

It’s almost good.

I love Dwan’s “partial filmography as director”:


The death of the Ritz Brothers’ father caused production of the film in January to be delayed. Fox placed a $150,000 suit against the Ritz brothers for a breach of contract as the film was stated to start production on January 30, but was halted when the Ritz Brothers did not show up.

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