OTB#93: Taste of Cherry

This is an extremely pre-Grindr movie, I guess.

This is both deeply creepy and incredibly tense.

This is an utterly original movie, and beautifully made — with (I’m guessing) very limited resources. Perhaps that explains the extremely non-Hollywood slant of the directors that voted for this:

But I’m not sure that it’s an altogether successful movie. I really liked Kiarostami’s Close-Up, but interest slightly fizzles here after it grows clearer what the movie is really about.

That is, the first half hour is super mysterious and tense, and then it becomes very chatty, and slightly exasperating.

And it just keeps on a downward trajectory.


I liked the ending, and the first third was phenomenal. The rest was… I dunno.

طعم گيلاس…. Abbas Kiarostami. 1997.

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