PX83: Zomoid Illustories

Zomoid Illustories edited by Ray Zone (110x140mm – 140x216mm – 172x260mm)

I was ebaying for “punk comics”, as one does, and a collection of Zomoid Illustories appeared. I had the standard US comics-sized one already (it’s the one with the red cover up there), but I was wondering what the minis were like.

Very varied. Here’s The Pizz, for instance, who’d done a lot of newave/mini comics at the time.

There’s a computer-generated porn comic by “Dr. T”. Must be one of the earliest computer-generated porn comics?

An… inventory sheet? Oh, yeah, some of these may come from Ray Zone’s collection — I saw a bunch of comics from that collection being sold off on ebay.

Weird porn from Lavox Fentation (which may be a pseudonym; I know).

Weird weirdness by Douglas O’Neill.

Er… more by “Dr. T”?

Pee-Dog’s dick Pee-Dick…

More computer-generated stuff by Ken Tao, so perhaps he’s “Dr. T”?

A pretty nice thing by Bob Zoell…

And then finally the book I had, which turns out to be a reprint of various minis (I think? it doesn’t say so explicitly).

It’s less porny. (Jim Shaw.)

Then! Suddenly! Four pages of prime Gary Panter! I knew there had to be a reason I had bought this at the time…

Peter Bagge and J R Williams? It’s a pretty weird story.

And then a reprint of an interview with Ray Zone from The Comics Journal.

So there you go. I’m not really much of a fan of stuff from the newave/mini comics sphere — it’s usually really unambitious work. Which I guess is what many people like about it: The freedom it represents?

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