It’s that time of the month where I give a report on how my possibly Quixotic mission to get the Emacs bug tracker down to a managable size is going, because:

This stretch stated August 15th, and had a target of 269 bugs, and that’s what I just reached. But did the bug tracker shrink any, or was it all new windmills? I mean bugs?

It wasn’t all new bugs — we’re still trending downwards. The period started with 2690 open bugs, and we’re now down to 2585, which is, like, 100 fewer.

One good thing about this stretch is that many of the newer closed bugs weren’t much work for me — there’s been a lot of smaller patches submitted by people that I’ve just been applying, which is nice. New contributors is always fun.

I’m not gonna do a whole bunch of statistics like the last time around, but just note that we’re back to a 2013 level of open bugs.

Oh, and the previous post totes went viral. Unfortunately, instead of the “hey, Emacs development is cracking along at a pretty decent pace nowadays with lots of new contributors, eh?” effect I’d hoped for, somebody felt the need to air some sour grapes, and that seemed to be the main focus.

Oh, well:

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