PX91: With Love From Hell & Greetings From Hell

With Love From Hell & Greetings From Hell by Matt Groening (188x122mm & 162x108mm)

87th Dimension, eh?

Anyway, the first of these postcard booklets is published by HarperPerennial, not Pantheon (who did the strip collections).

So on the front of the postcard we get a Life in Hell strip…

… and the back is mostly blank, but there’s a unique “stamp” on each card.

I can’t remember reading any of these strips? A couple seemed vaguely familiar, but I think they avoided printing strips that had already been collected in the Pantheon editions. So that’s either a contractual thing (since it’s a different publisher), or they wanted to give people something new to read.

This means that we get none of the iconic strips… and I also wonder how many Life in Hell strips haven’t been reprinted at all?

The second booklet is by Pantheon.

And, indeed, it’s a cavalcade of familiar hits.

Most of the iconic strips are included, but there’s a suspicious lack of the most striking Akbar and Jeff strips.

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