PX92: Nozone #4: Utopia/Dystopia

Nozone #4: Utopia/Dystopia (202x202mm)

I’ve vaguely seen Nozone around, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually read an issue before? But it seems pertinent to my interests, so I got this issue, and we can have a look at it together…

This is a pretty nice little object… it feels well-thought-out and designed. And the die cut in the cover is nice — each page is only printed with one colour, but you get this illusion…

So here’s the editorial by “Staff”, which is possibly Steve Wacksman and Mike Gorman (the credits are pretty vague).

Peter Kuper does a thing…

There’s this long text piece by Fiamifera.

And Mark Marek shows up for this two-pager, too. His style has changed quite a lot from his mid-80s work.

It’s an odd book. Many of the pieces are pretty insubstantial — a straight-up joke like the above, and then there’s portentous pieces about utopias: It doesn’t really cohere as a reading experience.

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