PX79: Slash volume two number six

Slash volume two number six (295x383mm)

Hey, no, don’t worry — I did one previous issue of Slash, and I’m doing this one, and then I’m not doing any more. And the reason I’m doing this one is that I had forgotten that I had bought the other issue, so I then had two.

So let’s just have a quick flip through this magazine.

The readers have chimed in with their top ten singles and… Bob Marley won!? OK, and then The Misfits and D.O.A., that’s more what I expected… and Scritti Politti? It’s an eclectic list.

The local shit is pretty amusing…

Heh heh. Eraserhead midnight movie.

Oh, wow — an interview with Robin Crutchfield from DNA (after he’d broken up the band he started with Arto Lindsay and Ikue Mori)… and he’s saying that New York is over now; it’s just masturbatory art rock now.

But unlike most of the people involved with No New York, he’s not down on Brian Eno.

And then we get a short story? With illustrations by Gary Panter.

A really fun interview with the Controllers… OK, I was just going to have a quick peek here, but I’m ending up reading most of the articles. Man, this was a good music magazine.

Er is that… I think it is? As a colour centrefold? Wow.

Heh. Panter reviews Eskimo by The Residents.

And then there’s a page of Jimbo.

What can I say? Is this the greatest music mag ever or is it the greatest music mag ever?

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