MCMXXXIX XXXIV: Fifth Avenue Girl

Fifth Avenue Girl. Gregory La Cava. 1939.

Oooh! Ginger Rogers! And she’s got all the lines!

The plot seems a bit creepy, though — the old, kindly millionaire seems to be on the make for Rogers, and that’s kinda eh?

I mean, the formula for appropriate lusting is (+ (/ old 2) 7), which yields (+ (/ 52.0 2) 7) => 33.0 which is five years more than Rogers’ 28.

But perhaps he’ll turn more avuncular toot sweet.

… oh, his wife is played by a 36 year old Verree Teasdale! Well, that’s allowed but…


OK, it’s a lot less creepy now. And really funny. Rogers’ performance is totes on fleek, and Kathryn Adams as the daughter is hilarious.

“Michael calls it dialectical materialism.”


Very stylish.

“I shall never forget my proletariat beginnings.”

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