V1987: Ken Steacy’s Summer Rerun

Ken Steacy’s Summer Rerun (1987)
by Ken Steacy

So what’s this then?

That looks very familiar… From the Vortex anthology, I guess?


Oh, it’s all from the Vortex anthology? Which I read the other week.

Well, that’s a disappointment.

The introduction at the back explains that, indeed, it’s from the Vortex anthology. But that Mister X wrestling thing (an homage to Jaime Hernandez, I’m guessing; well done) I haven’t seen before. But that’s that about fooling people into thinking it’s the first issue of the Vortex anthology?

Oh, the back cover is a reproduction of it. Clvr.

Well, there’s not much to say about this one… I really like Steacy’s artwork, but…

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