Time for another bragging post!

I’ve been gamifying triaging/fixing Emacs bugs, setting myself as a goal 10% of the total (which hopefully decreases each time, otherwise it’s no fun):

And today! The fourth lap completed!

Just a bit over a month.

When going after bugs, I find it useful to concentrate on some “seam” or other, for instance crypto bugs, or networking stuff, or whatever. This time around, I went after a more diverse group of subjects, but most of them had in common that they were marked as having a patch:

After doing those, I got a brain wave: How about downloading all the bug reports and grepping for more patches? Some people are diligent bug taggers, but there may be some stuff that’s been missed, I thought.

And on and on and on. About five hundred of them.


Now, some of these are correctly not tagged as having a patch, because the patch has been deemed unsound, or it’s just an example patch, but about half are legit, so I’ve been slowly working my way backwards. It’s exhausting. It’s much more fun to write code than to review code, lemme tells ya.

And in other news, I’m now an Emacs co-maintainer.

How did I put it the last time I was bragging:

I have a tendency to work hard on a specific thing for a while, and then not at all for a while, which is why I’m glad I’m not really a maintainer for anything any more, but can just drop by with a coding blitz now and then…

How the turntables. The irony. A foolish consistency. Herp derp I eat paste. Etc.

So to celebrate, I baked a cake, modelled after Luis Fernandes’s wonderful Gnus logo:

I’ve piped whipped cream perhaps three times before in my life, but here goes:

The er purple stuff is whipped cream with blueberries.

I did a variety of stuff as fillings: Bananas on one half…

… and blueberries on the other half. Oh, and I splashed some rum on the sponge cake. (Which, as you can see, came out a bit dense. I think I over-mixed the flour.)


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