OTB#75: Battleship Potemkin

Potemkin. Sergei M. Eisenstein. 1925. ⚅

I’ve been looking for the Pet Shop Boys version of this movie, but that’s apparently never been released, so I watched this movie while playing the CD and things probably didn’t line up perfectly… I mean, it can’t because silent movies have a kinda vague connection to timing anyway…

The 2K restoration of the movie looks pretty awesome.

[time passes]

What a fucking amazeballs movie! I basically cried all the time. It’s just fantastic, and not in a “well, it’s good for a movie made back then”, but it’s just totally flabbergastingly amazing.

It’s so unusual, too. There’s no character development or anything like that. It’s like from a different continuum of movie making, where everything was better.

I did try listening to the original Edmund Meisel score, but it’s… horrible. It’s horrible. The Pet Shop Boys score is magnificent. This movie landed at #75 on the Officially The Best list, but that’s probably because people hadn’t seen this movie with he Pet Shop Boys score. If they had, it’s would have been #1.

This blog post is part of the Officially The Best series.

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