NFLX2019 December 5th: A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. John Schultz. 2019. ☆☆★★★

Oh, this is part of a series? At least, while searching for it, there seemed to be some other movies with suspiciously similar names.

And it starts with a recap.


Man, it just immediately seems like a super-cheap film: The early crowd scenes seems to have a whopping 30 extras.

It’s supposed to be set in an obscure kingdom in Europe, so of course all the actors (except the princess I mean queen) talk Estuary. So this is supposed to be kinda Britishish but more freeform?


I want to say that this is easy, breezy, Xmas fun-zy, but it’s not. It’s a rather annoying movie; schmaltzy performances fully scored by the Now That’s What I Call Generic Copyright-Free Xmas Music vol XIII. I mean, I may not be the target audience for this, but… I almost am? I like silly, romantic nonsense? But this is just so uninspired and unfunny.

I guess Netflix is trying to stock up on these unoffensive movies? The ones you can have on at Xmas without actually watching? But this is not going to be one of those movies, because it’s just too bland.

I do like that they use really bright colours. It’s so unusual these days when everything is colour-corrected into blue/orange or teal/er orange, and the rest is shades of grey. Are? Is. I mean, look at this:

That’s a lot of colour.

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