November 1949: Port of New York

Huh. This… looks like a B movie sourced from Youtube from VHS, but how did I buy this? It must be on a box set of some kind, but … which one? I sure can’t find it.

And it’s weird. It’s got a voiceover like an educational short. I’m guessing this is a public domain feature from a studio that’s now bankrupt?

This may be the weirdest movie ever. There are scenes of high stylised drama intercut with newsreel-like footage from the port. Of New York.

Is this a fixer-upper or was it meant to be like this?

And isn’t this weather supposed to be over by now?

A young Yul Brynner plays a totally gay super-evil villain, which is a plus, I guess?

Port of New York. Laslo Benedek. 1949.

Popular movies in November 1949 according to IMDB:

102397.6All the King’s Men
162257.6Adam’s Rib
7667.5The Rocking Horse Winner
30057.2Holiday Affair
10827.1Prince of Foxes
3636.8A Run for Your Money
9106.7That Forsyte Woman
3156.7The Great Lover

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