December 1949: Twelve O’Clock High

Awrite! The final movie in this blog series! December 1949! A decade of movies! It’s over!

I think I started in… September? So it’s taken me about six months to watch 120 movies? That’s two thirds of a movie per day.

OK, I’ll do a summing-up post later…

So what’s this movie about? A high school called Twelve O’Clock?

No! It’s a war extravaganza produced by Darryl Zanuck starring Gregory Peck! It’s long, it’s serious, it’s got a huge budget, and … it’s war!

This is the only movie in this blog series after the end of the war that’s about the war. I think during the 50s you got a wave of these, but in the years just after the war, people didn’t want war movies (or at least the studios didn’t think so).

Instead there were a bunch of film noir crime movies, but now we’re back to heroes again.

It’s not as simple as back in the days. We’ve got (allusions to) body parts and soldiers throwing up and PTSD and stuff.

The solution? Tough love! Responsibility! Pride!

But despite all odds, it’s a gripping movie. Lots of great performances and sentimental scenes. It’s a kind of perfect movie: It does everything it sets out to do.

Twelve O’Clock High. Henry King. 1949.

Popular movies in December 1949 according to IMDB:

103337.8Twelve O’Clock High
127227.6On the Town
76137.2Sands of Iwo Jima
17827.1Side Street
5677.1My Foolish Heart
13526.9East Side, West Side
24726.9The Inspector General
50176.8Samson and Delilah
5256.6The Threat

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  1. It would take another 3 years before they re-jigged the title to “High Noon.”
    Which really had the USA standing alone in the form of Gary Cooper.
    However, in this one I thought they were called the Allies because there were more than just the USA who stood against the enemy?

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