February 1948: Sleep, My Love

Noir! Sirk! Colbert!

*gets popcorn*

This is brilliantly paranoid; a vortex of (possible) gaslighting, (possible) insanity and (possible) conspiracies.

They give away the game a bit too early, I think, and from then on it all seems a bit too predictable.

But it’s fun and it’s funny and gripping and it’s quite Douglas Sirk. Sirk is, of course, one of my favourite directors, and I’m going to see all his movies.

Sleep, My Love. Douglas Sirk. 1948.

Popular movies in February 1948 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
6290 7.4 Call Northside 777
397 7.2 To the Ends of the Earth
1117 6.9 Sleep, My Love
559 6.8 Blanche Fury
391 6.7 Albuquerque
413 6.6 Tenth Avenue Angel
1079 6.4 Arch of Triumph
368 6.3 Three Daring Daughters
473 6.0 On Our Merry Way
389 5.9 Summer Holiday

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