November 1947: Out of the Past

This is a film noir, but it starts off as like a 50s Tennessee Williams movie. But then you get all of the genre trappings: Flash-backs, gangsters, dames, beaches, repartee.

I’ve never realised how similar Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas are. They’re basically the same person. Mitchum is a bit more muscular, but otherwise they’re confusingly similar. I wonder whether that was the effect they were going for, or whether it’s the usual result of the casting director having a “type”.

This is a very well-regarded movie:

Out of the Past is considered one of the greatest of all films noir.[5][6][7] Robert Ottoson hailed the film as “the ne plus ultra of forties film noir”.[8]

I don’t quite get it. Nothing really sizzles here. I find myself being almost completely disinterested in Mitchum and his mysterious past. The cinematography isn’t particularly striking, and the dames aren’t compelling.

But I concede that I might be totally wrong about this one. It just didn’t hold my attention, so perhaps it’s really a masterpiece and I just kinda zoned out on the good bits? It’s possible.

Out of the Past. Jacques Tourneur. 1947.

Popular movies in November 1947 according to IMDB:

243128.1Out of the Past
114817.4Gentleman’s Agreement
8897.4It Always Rains on Sunday
5237.1Monsieur Vincent
6187.0The Lost Moment
2366.9Mine Own Executioner
2516.8Where There’s Life
15246.7Daisy Kenyon
15716.5The Fugitive
4076.5An Ideal Husband

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