Useful Consumer Review

I’ve had an Epson Expression 10000XL for over ten years, and it works very well.

I mainly use it to scan covers of LPs and the like, so the A3+ size is perfect. It’s only got two problems: It’s slow, and it has a noisy fan. I can live with the latter, because the fan only goes when I’m actually working with the scanner.

And since I’m usually only scanning a few covers, the slowness doesn’t really bother me that much.

However, a couple of months ago I had a major scanning project, and if I were to use the slow scanner I would still have been at the job for the next three years.

Instead I got an Epson DS-50000. It has no fan, and it’s really fast. It can scan a grey scale A3 image in about six seconds, which is great.

Scanning project finally over, last night I was going to replace the old scanner with the new one and donate the old one, but after installing the new scanner in the cubbyhole…


The imaging area isn’t as big as on the 10000XL! It’s like 15mm narrower!

That’s the 10000XL…

And that’s the DS-50000.

How useless, Epson! Fie!

I guess this mean that I’ll have to find room for both of the scanners… somehow…

*sigh* So many vitally important problems!

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