June 1947: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

This is pure entertainment, and I love that. Gene Tierney is perfect as the plucky widow, and Rex Harrison camps it up as the ghost of a ship captain.

It’s such a perfect fluffy thing. It meanders pleasantly without straining the brain.

But then! In the third act! Drama!

This kind of thing works much better without real conflict, but filmmakers feel obligate to inflict that on us anyway. Otherwise it wouldn’t, like, be a proper movie.

Fie, I say! Fie!

If this had just gone on being a pleasant dream (with, perhaps, Mrs. Muir hooking up with a hot, cool guy), then it’d have been perfect.

Still! It’s pretty lovely.

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz. 1947.

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122497.9The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
2907.3Dear Ruth
3787.0The Upturned Glass
6476.8The Unfaithful
13496.6The Woman on the Beach
2806.2Living in a Big Way

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